August 6th, 2020

10 YEARS 10 SETS Last week I celebrated 10 years on air here at CD102.5  I’ve been doing some reflecting on my decade here at the Alternative Station, and I figured the next couple weeks I’d look back on some favorite memories, shows, and moments!  This week I’m going to count down my 10 favorite Festival sets I’v...

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July 26th, 2020

BACK IN BLACK at 40. July 25th, 1980.  Just a little over six months removed from the tragic passing of the legendary Bon Scott.  Who would have guessed AC/DC would not only find a new lead singer, but write and record arguably the greatest hard rock album of all time?  The sales figures are staggering; either the second or third h...

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A Videogame Recommendation

July 19th, 2020

A VIDEOGAME RECOMMENDATION Ask anyone at CD102.5, and everyone will tell you I’m the go to guy on the discussion of video games.  One of my joys in gaming is giving some voice to a niche or obscure title and passing it along, boosting its profile among my circle of friends.  Allow me to do the same for what I consider one of the be...

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Top Albums of 2020......SO FAR!!!!!

July 12th, 2020

NATE'S TOP ALBUMS OF 2020.....SO FAR As we've reached a little past the midway point of the year, I figured I'd look back on my favorite albums of the first half of the year! All presented to you in no particular order. Let's go! PEARL JAM GIGATON - Who knew these guys had another one in them? The veteran alt-rockers shook off a decade of rust, a...

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Ranking Pearl Jam

May 23rd, 2020

Ranking Pearl Jam albums With the recent release of their 11th studio album Gigaton, and more than a little bit of time on my hands the few weeks, I took a deep dive on Pearl Jam’s discography for the first time in awhile.  So let’s rank it! 11.  Riot Act (2002): At a time when bands like The White Stripes, Queens of the Sto...

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