(What's The Story) Morning Glory at 25!

October 4th, 2020

(What's The Story) Morning Glory at 25

On October 2, 1995 (October 3rd for us Americans), a quiet, very polite, and extremely media shy group of lads from Manchester very stealthily released a critically acclaimed indie darling. Ok all of that was sarcasm. 25 years ago, Oasis released their seminal (What's The Story) Morning Glory. Six singles. 22 million albums sold. The highest selling album of the 90s in the UK. The peak of the Britpop era. Let's not even get into the absurd level the B-Sides were on. On a personal side, the first album I truly fell in love with, and directly responsible for my path to CD102.5. In honor of it's 25th anniversary, let's rank all the tracks!!

12/11. "Untitled" - Two brief excerpts of their instrumental "The Swamp Song," which you can hear in full on The Masterplan. I mean, they're two 30 second interludes. One of which is assumed to be a stand in for the absolutely scorching "Step Out," which you can hear on Familiar To Millions. Sadly we never got that on the album because Stevie Wonder was bringing the lawyers.

10. "Hey Now!" - How does one pick the worst of a bunch of classics? "Hey Now!" finds its way at the bottom for probably being a minute longer than it needs to be, and never really finding a fifth gear, on album where they all hit a ninth gear.

9. "Roll With It" - Noel in recent years declared this song to be s**t. Liam walked out to Glastonbury 2019 and declared it to not be s**t. Where's the truth? Somewhere in the middle. It's a fun throwaway song, that really comes alive once Liam gets it live on stage (Check out the Familiar to Millions version with thousands of people singing along).

8. "Hello" - Maybe I've missed discussions on this in the past, but do you think the point of mixing "Wonderwall" extremely quiet at the beginning was to explode your eardrums after you've turned it up and the opening sirens blast out? For the record every song from here to the end is a 10. This song? Swagger in musical form as Oasis introduced themselves as the biggest band in the world.

7. "She's Electric" - If we're ranking this just on how much fun a song is, this might be number one on the record. How great a frontman is Liam Gallagher? He could take this extremely stupid song and make it rock. It's the Oasis track that no fan admits is their favorite, but is completely in their top 10.

6. "Morning Glory" - The same note, repeated four times, sliding all the way up on the fourth strum. A siren call to a generation.

5. "Wonderwall" - A song that's of course been played too many times, by two many bros with too many acoustic guitars. Why is that? Because it's a perfect love song, that acknowledges sometimes you gotta work at it.

4. "Cast No Shadow" - I'm not sure if there's an Oasis song more consistently underrated tune than this one. Great melody, excellent use of strings, and one of the rare times where Liam totally pulls off sincere.

3. "Champagne Supernova" - Every Oasis fan has some of emotion attached to this track. For me, I'm almost sure it's the first Oasis song I ever heard, starting off a 25 year love alternative rock. The epic in the Oasis catalog (and they've tried a few), and it's pretty telling neither brother can quite pull it off solo.

2. "Some Might Say" - If I'm being 100% honest, this is my personal favorite track on the album. Great guitar solo, Liam dripping swagger all over, it's about as good as it gets. Both brothers have done some great Unplugged versions as well.

1. "Don't Look Back In Anger" - Just watch the crowds any time this was sung after the Manchester bombing. It's the Oasis song that even people that hate the band go "Yeah but that one's great." It's been an anthem for our lifetime, it'll be here after we're gone.