Adam has all the qualities of being a cool dad without being a dad: loves cats, awesome beard, and probably knows more music from the 1950s-1970s than your actual dad.

Little toddler Adam used to spend his days playing DJ with his parents’ records and it ultimately landed him an internship with The Alternative Station in 2009.  After only being at the station for a year, Adam left to go “be a real adult”. After eight long years of adulting, Adam has come back to us to live the rock n roll dream.  Outside of the studio, Adam is a devout Cleveland baseball fan and a social justice advocate. Being quite the social butterfly, Adam ends up being a ray of sunshine in the room.  However all of his money goes to purchasing LPs and CDs; adding to his collection of 3,100+ pieces of physical media.

Adam is the other half of Radio Nowhere (Saturdays, 6pm - midnight) and frequently the butt of Nate’s jokes.  Thankfully instead of being bitter, he counters Nate’s remarks with equally snarky jokes. When tuning into Adam on weekends, you can expect to learn more about any song he plays.  From album information to weird fun facts, Adam has got you covered. Basically, listening to him weekly helps you crush your friends in trivia. You’re welcome.  

Surrounded by his four cats and sipping whiskey, Adam likes to listen to The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Prince, and the Talking Heads.