Just What We Needed: The Cars' debut album

June 5th, 2020

On June 6, 1978, a Boston band consisting of Ric Ocasek, Benjamin Orr, Elliot Easton, David Robinson, and Greg Hawkes released their self-titled debut album. By the end of 1978, The Cars had sold more than a million copies at the beginning of a chart run that would last more than two years. A massive hit on pop, rock, and college radio, the Cars' debut is a seminal new wave album, consisting of too many classics to count. (Well, there are nine songs on the album, so I guess you could count it as nine, actually.) The record gets redular airplay across a myriad of radio genres even into the 2020s. Below are a sampling of a few of the many classics from the album.


Okay, so I'm having computer issues. They're links for now, but I'll embed the videos as soon as I can!: