December 40, 2020

January 9th, 2021

Has 2020 actually ended or have we just extended the timeline?  What is time?  What's going on?  Marco?   What a year...what a time...what a world...   In all the time I've been spending at home (which is ALL of my time), I've been thinking to myself why was 2020 such a hard year.  Ya know.  Besides the whole ...

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Somewhere You Feel Free

October 3rd, 2020

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest rock n rollers of all time, Tom Petty.   This morning started out like any other morning.  I woke up to my cat screaming to be fed, I passive aggressively ignored her in an attempt to get some more sleep, she then proceeded to run around my house like a small tornado d...

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Geometry with alt-J

August 29th, 2020

I guess I should lead off with warning you that I was horrible at geometry in school.  Calculus I could do pretty well but something about me and shapes just weren't friends.   Ya know those moments where someone says something and it just kinda hits you in the face so hard and changes your perception of something forever?  I had o...

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My Ideal Rock n Roll Family

July 11th, 2020

  First off we all know Dave Grohl is my dad.  He was born in the Mahoning Valley, everyone from the Mahoning Valley is related, I was also born in the Mahoning Valley, therefore making me related to Dave Grohl and dad. Imagine having the ability to build your perfect rock n roll family.  Who would you want to be yo...

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Concerts Bring Me Joy...and Now That's Gone

May 18th, 2020

Earlier this week, I asked my guitar instructor if he could teach me how to play "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters.  Mostly because I read a piece that Dave Grohl wrote for The Atlantic about what concerts will be like when they come back.  That and playing that oddly cathartic song is the closest I'll get to live music for a long, long t...

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