On-Air: Weekends

Bailey is everything you would expect a woman from Youngstown, Ohio, to be: opinionated, stubborn, and unusually passionate about pizza.

Bailey wears multiple hats not only at the station, but also outside of the CD102.5 studios.  For the last six years, she has been active in Summit County, Mahoning County, and Statewide politics in various capacities.  She actually originally planned to make politics her full time career until she accidentally stumbled into a radio station one day and got bit by the radio bug.  In a weird way, it was a self fulfilling prophecy considering she was named after the character Bailey Quarters from the 1970’s TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati”.

She likes to say that her job at the station is “whatever Mase or Randy tell [her] to do”.  Which ultimately results in DJing, running CD102.5 for the Kids Thon, and sometimes helping install a new light fixture in the office.  Bailey continues to remain active in various political circles while also gardening, boxing (again, stereotypical Youngstown), and writing songs.  No, she does not sleep. She tells us that the dark circles under her eyes make it so she doesn’t need to wear bottom eyeliner, therefore saving her money.

When Bailey isn’t serenading her cat, Mzzy, with Fleetwood Mac songs, she likes to listen to Paramore, Blondie, Joan Jett, JD Eicher, Halestorm, and The Rolling Stones.