374 Days

May 21st, 2019

365 days.  Well, to be more accurate 374 days because hi my name is Bailey and of course I am behind on my posting deadline.

374 days ago I had my very first air shift here at CD102.5.  I was terrified.  
Back in January of last year, I emailed Mase on a whim in hopes of being considered for just an internship at the station.  I called him "sir" a bunch of times and concluded with, "Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  If possible, I would like to formally introduce myself to you over a cup of coffee at a time convenient for you".  Which I find hysterical because now most of my emails to Mase basically begin with "yo dawg".
It wasn't until April I actually got to sit down with Mase.  47 emails and 4 months later, I was sitting in his office for my interview.  I showed up wearing black lipstick because I needed all the amulets of the rock n roll gods to help me out.  Like I said, I was TERRIFIED.  The night before, I spent hours on the phone with the Music Director at my previous station manically repeating "I'm too new at radio I'm not good enough for this". 
You can imagine how surprised I was when Mase said "ok I'll schedule you on air for next month when we can get you on payroll".
WHHHHAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I was going to be on air AND work part time?!  Thank you, black lipstick.
Soon enough May 12, 2018 came around and it was time for my first air shift.  Again, terrified.  I had a hard time just turning the blasted mic on and getting the board just right.  You see I knew I was a teenie tiny fish entering a massive ocean of radio talent.  Everyone but me had YEARS of radio experience and here I was stumbling in by pure luck.  Not to mention the idea of COLUMBUS hearing me.  There's a whole one or two people in Columbus.
Still I did it.  And I'm still doing it.
There's no doubt that I love music and I love hanging out with all of you on air, but for me it means so much more.  Mostly because I remember my 16 year old self going through life and having days where the only good part was a song on the radio.  I still have those days at age 23.  Being able to give you tunes and hopefully say something that makes you think or laugh is truly an honor.  Sometimes I take a whole second to pause and I feel so lucky that this is my job.  Not for the free concerts and meeting rockstars (but let's be real that's pretty sweet), but lucky to bring a little joy (hopefully) to someone.  Lucky to work with such incredible, talented humans.  Lucky to have a fam with 102.5.
That being said...
Mase: Thanks for thinking that hiring some black lipstick wearing punk fresh from the Rust Belt was a good idea.  
Randy: Thanks for letting me grow in different roles at the station and believing that I will do a good job.
Brian: You may not remember this conversation, but thanks for validating that having Joan Jett as a queen is awesome.
Tom: That laugh, man...
Michael: Thank you for always, ALWAYS being such a pleasant human. 
Bar Michael: Thank you for the many solid conversations over tasty beverages where I inevitably end up yelling about politics. 
Graysoon: You're one great dude, but now you're even better with two "o"s in your name.
Nate: Thank you for teaching me how to work the board and critiquing my first show. 
Adam: Cats.
JMay: Thanks for always yelling at me to calm down.
Daisy: Thanks for always being one of the most fun people at a show.
Dief: I don't know how you managed to answer every question I had about Thon, but thank you.
Andrea: Thank you for signing your emails "xoxo, Gossip Girl".  It gives me LIFE.
Corndog: I mean...you let me call you Corndog in public.
Shannan: You are a freaking ray of sunshine.    
Rachael: Thank you for sitting down with me when I first started and showing me all the little tricks you've learned over the years.
YOU!: Thank you for tuning in this last year.  I'm glad to be here.
Ok I'm done being sappy now.  Back to your regularly scheduled snarky comments...