My Ideal Rock n Roll Family

July 11th, 2020


First off we all know Dave Grohl is my dad.  He was born in the Mahoning Valley, everyone from the Mahoning Valley is related, I was also born in the Mahoning Valley, therefore making me related to Dave Grohl and dad.

Imagine having the ability to build your perfect rock n roll family.  Who would you want to be your parents?  Your grandparents?  Your siblings?  Well, since we all know Dave Grohl is my dad, I started thinking who else would make up the best rock n roll family for me.  I like to think in some distant parallel universe that this is actually a thing...

Mom: Joan Jett (duh)

Dad: Dave Grohl (because he is)

Grandma (maternal): Nancy Wilson (Heart)    

Grandpa (maternal): Tom Petty

Grandma (paternal): June Carter Cash  

Grandpa (paternal): Johnny Cash (I can't break up Johnny and June I just can't)

Fairy Godmother: Stevie Nicks 

"The Fun Aunt": Debbie Harry 

"The Weird Uncle": Beck

Cousin: Matt Shultz (Cage the Elephant) 

Sister: K. Flay (while you're at it, listen to her song "Sister")

Brother: Johnny Stevens (Highly Suspect)   

Pet: Hayley Williams' Dog, Alf

My Husband: Barns Courtney 

So there ya have it!  What would your ideal rock n roll family be?  Let me know by emailing !  As always you can follow me on Twitter/Instagram @saileybandin .

Oh and Barns Courtney, if you're reading can totally call me if you want...