December 40, 2020

January 9th, 2021

Has 2020 actually ended or have we just extended the timeline?  What is time?  What's going on?  Marco?


What a year...what a time...what a world...


In all the time I've been spending at home (which is ALL of my time), I've been thinking to myself why was 2020 such a hard year.  Ya know.  Besides the whole global pandemic thing...  The world stood still but our lives just kept on going.  Dealing with a global pandemic is one thing, but it's a whole other thing to deal with a global pandemic and breakups, makeups, lost friends, death, family drama, work, and whatever else comes around.  All of these normal life things that are in fact difficult to deal with were thrown into a frame of a pandemic.  For me at least, I felt like I needed to take all these normal life things and push them away because nothing seemed big enough when compared to a pandemic. [Spoiler!  That wasn't the best idea!]   

On top of that, we've had to do it all alone.  FaceTime and Zoom have done wonders but it doesn't replace sitting with your best friend, doing a few shots of Jameson, and attempting to figure life out.  If life had paused with the rest of the world then maybe JUST having to tackle a global pandemic wouldn't be so hard.  Unfortunately, that's just not how the cookie crumbled.

Now here we are, December 40, 2020, and things still just ain't quite right.  I wish I could impart some great wisdom, but I only have a handful of songs.  It's weird because I feel like I've listened to so much music but also have sat in so much silence.  So here are some of the songs that got me/still are getting me through life's other things right now.  They're songs I've head banged around my apartment to after a few tasty beverages; songs that were a release after a long day of work; songs that remind me of people who aren't around anymore; songs that are things I wish I was brave enough to say; songs that I've played while laying in bed brokenhearted and crying; and songs that were just what it feels like to be alone.   


They may not all be the happiest songs, but at least I'm honest.


The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

Hate Me - Miley Cyrus

Thrash Unreal - Against Me!

Communication - The Cardigans

Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks

Why We Ever - Hayley Williams

Echo - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Spanish Bombs - The Clash

Reelin in the Years - Steely Dan

Paradise Lost, a Poem by John Milton - The Used

Cinnamon - Hayley Williams 

Thank You for the Venom - My Chemical Romance

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

Laugh Til I Cry - The Front Bottoms

By and By - CAAMP


What songs have been getting you through?  Let me know!

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