The Least Surprising Year-End List Ever

December 22nd, 2021 happened.  I'm not going to lie, 2021 was basically just 2020 part two for me.  I mean I started out the year getting COVID a week before I was eligible for my vaccine...that should've been a sign to me that the year was going to be...challenging.  That being said, I spent most of this year listening to my comfort music.  Why?  Because that makes me happy.  So that leads me to THE LEAST SURPRISING SPOTIFY WRAPPED LIST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Top Song: The Chain
Audio Aura: Angst and spooky [I mean c'mon that just describes me as a person]
Top Artist: Hayley Williams (top 1%) [My love for Hayley Williams continues to go strong]
Actually an interesting story about Hayley Williams' second solo record, Flowers for Vases.  That came out right around the same time I had COVID so I got to know that record really well.  It was my comfort music that I would fall asleep to or use to calm myself.  Which is kinda funny because if you listen to that record it's just sad with a side of REALLY sad but MAN is it good.
Artist #2: Taylor Swift 
I am a PROUD Swifty, ok.  Tis' the damn season.
Artist #3: Fleetwood Mac
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  ME?!  FLEETWOOD MAC?!?  WHO WOULD'VE GUESSED!  Honestly it's kinda low on the list.
Artist #4: The Clash
I'm not saying that if you listen to The Clash, you're cool.  However I AM saying that all cool people listen to The Clash.
Artist #5: Paramore
The only certain things in this world are death, taxes, and my undying love for Paramore.
So there you have it: the least surprising Spotify Wrapped list to ever come from me.  Now here's to 2022!  May it be a little brighter and hopefully I'll be able to surprise you with my listening next year.