On-Air: Weekday Mornings

It’s pretty safe to say that Brian Phillips’ voice may be the only thing placating your morning road rage.

This half Canadian found himself working in Seattle radio during the peak of their music scene.  Then the station got sold...and changed format...to a country station. After weighing his options and deciding that he could not pull off cowboy boots, Brian headed for the Midwest in 1994.  Oddly enough, he still found that many of those around him were wearing cowboy boots. Amongst other Midwestern discoveries like everyone saying “ope” and worshipping Ranch dressing, he quickly found what he called “one of the few remaining great beacons of radio”: CD102.5.  

Every morning Brian comes in with coffee in hand so you can hear artist interviews, trending topics, and new music discoveries all while you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.  After 20+ years in Columbus, he has become part of the Alternative Station’s foundation and the Columbus Crew’s number one fan.    

When his dog, Penny, isn’t chewing through the studio cables, Brian likes to play tunes from The Replacements, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Nirvana.