UNDER THE FOLD: Four (Small-Text) Bands to See at Bonnaroo 2019

May 14th, 2019

When a lineup is announced for a festival, I tend to start backwards.

Not only is it fun to see what smaller bands made the cut, it’s fun to dissect exactly why they’re in such small text -- especially when they’re criminally underrated.

With that said, here’s one artist playing on each day, from the smallest lines of the poster, that you should not miss at Bonnaroo -- this is a chance to see them before some become colorful headliners of their own.


THURSDAY: Caroline Rose


Listed on the bottom line of the Thursday lineup, nestled between Eprom and Donna Missal, Caroline Rose is an absolute necessity to attend. Her most recent album, LONER, is outstanding -- vinylmeplease gave a great one-line summary -- “a deft blend of rockabilly and synth-pop glossed with a thick coat of soul that is fast, fun, guttural, screaming, smirking.”

Her live shows are similar -- a standout performance at Nelsonville jumps to mind -- I’m stoked to dress as red as possible to see “Jeannie Becomes a Mom” down in Tennessee.

Caroline Rose plays at 5PM at That Tent on Thursday. The only conflict is with "Classic Hip-Hop (Full Service Party)" in Snake & Jakes Christmas Club Barn, which is to say you don't have an excuse.


FRIDAY: Parquet Courts


Ah, my favorite band in the world.

This will be my 9th time seeing Parquet, and almost certainly not the last. Fresh off the release of many music outlets’ album of the year, Wide Awake!, their live shows have become a skillful display of new and old across their six records (this number is up for debate).

If you’re new to the Quartz, check out Borrowed Time or Almost Had To Start a Fight. They’re so good!

Parquet Courts plays at 4:30pm in This Tent on Friday. They conflict with Catfish and The Bottlemen, so I reluctantly understand if you want to make that (ever-so-slightly worse) decision.

SATURDAY: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

A recent graduate of your Discover and Download Program has been in steady rotation here at the Alternative Station, the above "Hunnybee", which should give you some insight to how good this group is.

The New Zealand four-piece released Sex & Food last year to critical acclaim, fusing folk, R&B, and soul together on some really groovy tracks on a pretty cohesive album.

This will be the first time I see them, and I hope you’ll join me for this experience!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra plays at 4:15 in That Tent. They conflict with Bishop Briggs, which I would also understand (she's also quite overshadowed on the lineup).


Ah, yes, your CD102.5 Artist I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME!

You know them from Discover & Download graduate “Choke”, but their entire record 1981 Extended Play is pretty phenomenal, too.

This one’s special -- “underrated” is an understatement -- they don’t even appear on the poster! They’ll be tucked away on the WHO stage on Sunday (a great way to spend time seeing rising artists with potential).

IDKHOW will play at 5:15pm on the Who Stage on Sunday. If you’re one of the few dozen people that skip Walk The Moon’s main stage set to join me, say hello -- I’d love to see ya.