Top Ten CD1025 Singles of 2019

December 16th, 2019

Inspired once again by Tom Butler's list, here's my own list of favorite jams we've been spinning on CD1025 this year!

I’d love to know what your favorites are. Hit me up!


1. The Worn Flints - Oh, Brother

Oh, brother… This video had me in tears when it came out. I wrote a review of their new record, Gloria Avenue, on its release. Some real serious stuff here, masked behind some beautiful rock and roll. A perfect descriptor of what songwriting should always strive to be, in my opinion. Not to mention (borrowing some words from my friend Eugene Ripper) the guitar solos "that cut like razor wire"... It's some great work from some Columbus prides and joys.


2. Allan Rayman - Rose

I voiced my support for this single in one of our music meetings, then Mase chose to add it. He also singled me out as “the guy who likes Allan Rayman a lot”, which at the time wasn’t exactly true, I just liked the song. Then I got to host his Big Room, so I dug deep into his discography and wasn’t disappointed (according to Spotify, he’s my favorite ‘new discovery’ of the year, and I trust their statistics). He’s a kind dude too!


3. billie eilish - bad guy


Forgive me for being unable to attribute this loose quote to someone, but I read a really good take about billie eilish this year that went something like “People call her an industry plant… But I firmly believe ‘the industry’ is not smart enough to come up with billie eilish.” After some hesitation, I fell headlong into billie eilish mania this year -- every track on her new record rules, and I’m stoked we added four (!) singles into rotation in 2019. Every generation deserves their own indie pop stalwart, and I’m excited to see what else comes down the line from her.


4. Local Natives - When Am I Gonna Lose You?


I’ll choose my words carefully here… I really vibed with this song this year.


5. The Federal Empire - I Never Liked Your Friends


I’ll choose my words less carefully here… I really vibed with this song this year.


6. K.Flay - Bad Vibes


I don’t know why I’m surprised every time I’m afforded the chance to see K.Flay. I should know by now that she absolutely rips. I’m always looking forward to seeing this absolute banger in person!


7. Foals - Exits


Speaking of bangers, Foals’ Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost double album this year was full of ‘em, and “Exits” was our first indicator. I’ve been jamming this heavy all year, and would highly encourage you to check out one (or both) of the records top-to-bottom, if you haven’t done so already!


8. Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen


Sharon Van Etten rules, end of story. It always seems pretty tricky in the music media cycle to correctly time up an album release, and I feel like records that come out in January get the wrong end of the stick, but if you haven’t dug into Sharon Van Etten’s discography, consider placing her next on your list. Some truly terrific stuff here, and I’m happy Seventeen had a long run in our rotation!


9. Hobo Johnson - Typical Story


It took me way too long to get on the Hobo Johnson train, I’ll admit it -- but adding this single really did me in. This whole record is full of wildly fun songs about sometimes morose topics, and I really dig that. I started using “Subaru Crosstrek XV” as my alarm clock sound in the morning, and somehow, I haven’t changed it in months.


10. The 1975 - People


My favorite music-related gag this year definitely started in September, and I’m still pulling it now. Find someone familiar with The 1975 for their earlier work, then play them this music video without telling them who it is. If they’re anything like I was in the music meeting, or like the six or seven friends I’ve pulled this on, they will have no clue -- even as they stare a Marilyn Manson-esque Matty Healy dead in the eyes. I’m thrilled to hear this new 1975 record (Notes on a Conditional Form, due out February), due mostly in part to this single, and how much of a departure it is from their typical sound. 


Special nods as well to Clairo, Seratones, Vampire Weekend, Oliver Tree, Twentyone Pilots, White Reaper, Twin XL, AJR, and Grandson, finding themselves juuuust off the list. Maybe I should’ve made a bigger list... Maybe next year!