Your Favorite Artists Answer: Prettiest American Outlines

May 17th, 2020



When I’m fortunate to host a Big Room, I like to end the interview with a “Lightning Round”, a series of rapid-fire questions to try and get into a musician’s head, sometimes right before stage time. You know, dogs or cats, coffee or tea… 


And a question I like to ask everyone: What is the prettiest American state [at this point, they’re thinking the question is over, and already formulating the answer] terms of geographical outline alone? What has the best shape?


It throws them for a loop, and sometimes, artists give a seemingly random answer. It’s resulted in some harsh listener feedback on occasion: 



At any rate, I plan to update this map with every interview, until all fifty states are full:



Additionally, I spent a substantial amount of time in front of my map of the United States of Whatever, and came up with a definitive ranking of my own:


1. Louisiana (UPSAHL)

2. Texas (White Reaper)

3. Alaska

4. Michigan

5. Oklahoma

6. Ohio (Saint Motel)

7. Idaho (Wilderado)

8. Nevada

9. Hawaii

10. Maine

11. Washington

12. California

13. New York

14. Tennessee

15. South Carolina

16. Florida (Barns Courtney)

17. West Virginia (Dan Luke; Jared of *repeat repeat)

18. Utah (The Aces; Des Rocs)

19. Massachusetts 

20. Minnesota

21. New Jersey

22. Nebraska

23. Kentucky

24. Georgia

25. Wyoming

26. Wisconsin

27. Oregon

28. Colorado (Winnetka Bowling League)

29. Maryland

30. New Mexico

31. Arizona

32. Arkansas

33. Pennsylvania

34. Alabama

35. Virginia

36. Missouri

37. Montana

38. Vermont (Krystin of *repeat repeat)

39. New Hampshire

40. Connecticut

41. Rhode Island

42. North Carolina

43. Mississippi

44. Illinois

45. Delaware

46. Kansas (Mondo Cozmo)

47. Indiana

48. Iowa (Vampire Weekend [Chris Tomson])

49. North Dakota

50. South Dakota


Disagree? Hit me up!