Top 10 CD102.5 Singles of 2020… So Far

July 2nd, 2020


We’re officially halfway through the year (which is frankly unbelievable.)

Here are my 10 favorites we’ve added to the playlist so far, during this fateful trip around the sun:


1. Run The Jewels - Ooh La La***

[***note: this version is wildly explicit]


Hot damn this album is top-to-bottom full of bangers. I was surprised to see this record doing so well at Alternative Radio (#46 at time of writing) because it’s very clearly a rap song -- but there’s just something about it that really fits.

When this was a Discover and Download pick, my Mom texted me that “this song is stupid”. A week later she said “Nevermind, this song is great!” 

Plus, tell me this music video doesn't get you AMPED?


2. Kennyhoopla - how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//


Every time this song comes on and I don’t have to talk on the radio about it, I grab my guitar off the shelf and start ripping into that two-note riff (it’s super easy to play because you don’t have to move your fingers at all. Give it a shot if you’ve got a guitar!) Chatting with Kennyhoopla was also an absolute blast -- plus this guy’s music videos are pure art. The rest of the tracks on this EP are truly commendable, and I’m really optimistic about what we can hear from him down the line.


3. Mobley - Nobody’s Favorite


Along the same lines, this Mobley video is insane. Prepping for the Virtual Big Room, I watched this and just got chills down my back. I love when music videos do that. He’s also got a pretty terrific record out a couple years ago called “Fresh Lies, Vol. 1” that I firmly recommend! Also, can we talk about how much good work he does in the vein of social justice? We love a hero.


4. Car Seat Headrest - Hollywood


What an absolute shredder! Making A Door Less Open is not my favorite Car Seat Headrest record, but it sure was a blast to listen to on repeat while I spent a few days moving. This track in particular really helped me lug a mattress down three flights of stairs (then up three more flights of stairs), and I thank Will Toledo for providing that energy.


5. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday


Similarly, this isn’t my favorite Tame Impala record, but my friend Anson -- a huge Tame fan -- says it’s some of their finest work to date. I’m inclined to trust him on that one! More than any other show, I’m bummed to miss their headlining set at Bonnaroo, which should’ve gone down a few weeks ago. Alas. Maybe next year!

I don't have much commentary to add on the rest, but savor these ones the next time you hear 'em. I know I will!

6. White Reaper - Real Long Time

7. Cage The Elephant - Black Madonna

8. Mondo Cozmo - Upside Down

9. Dan Luke and The Raid - Fool

10. King Princess - Ohio