Hello Emerson Appreciation Post

July 19th, 2020

Here at CD1025, we spin a different local artist around the 30-minute mark of every hour (thanks to the Diamond Cellar, of course!)

Have you heard this one?

I was so happy when Tom Butler added that one -- the prior single really had me hooked, and I thought the album in its entirety was just gorgeous.

But you know how sometimes music requires the right setting to really hit you in a certain way?

I took an hour-long drive northwest last week for a socially-distant waterside hang with Bailey and Adam). Something about driving alone, through the midwest, while listening to “Am I The Midwest?” really struck a chord. By the time I hit the closing track, once again, I found myself just… moved

This isn’t an album review. I don’t want to walk down it track-by-track, dissecting its many meanings. I’d rather leave it as it stands: a beautiful, powerful collection of music from a songwriter whose work The Indie Sound once described aptly: "asking for nothing more than to be listened to".

When the time is right, take a listen. Genuinely, after that drive, this might be in my albums of the year, when all’s said and done.

Plus, tell me this one doesn’t make you laugh, get all introspective, then laugh out loud once again?


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