Every Big Room Ever, Maybe?!

January 21st, 2022


"CD 92.9 Big Room Extravaganza" - Google Sheets


Holy!! Shouts out to our friend Rachel for using her powers for good -- combing through every page of our website to find every Big Room we've ever posted about, with some wild statistics to boot. Let's hope that graph shoots back upwards in 2022!

Sometimes, bands will come play a session but only let us play the songs on-air for a year or two. We have to use what's called a "kill date" in our system, which feels unnecessarily sad. Anyway, some of those performances are off-limits by now (like the Black Keys -- I wish!). But if you see any standouts, feel free to get in touch, and if the audio's available I'll get 'em on the Big Room Brunch calendar!

Let me know what you want to hear --> grayson@cd929fm.com