Mark Sutherland

The newest addition to the CD102.5 jock lounge is Mark Sutherland. A little older than some of the other jocks, Mark likes to think of himself as vintage, and like good music, a little dusty, but still relevant today. 

 Mark grew up in Worthington, Ohio, then hit the road to see what the rest of the world was about. 

 And see the world he did. Thirteen moves, and twenty-plus years of broadcast radio later, Mark’s hosted everything from modern rock mornings to kid’s radio; broadcasting worldwide on Radio Disney, live from Disneyland in California. 

 His past 20 years went by in a flash from Hermosa Beach, CA, but he always found time to check out CD1025 when visiting family back here in Columbus. It’s no wonder his travels eventually led him back to the Midwest, and CD1025. 

 When he’s not doing official radio DJ stuff, Mark still enjoys listening to early Alt bands like R.E.M., U2, Talking Heads, and The Cars, as well as others like Elliott Smith, Cake, and of course the new Alt stuff too.

 In addition to his radio duties, Mark believes he may have recently stumbled into his true calling as an indie film maker. His first feature, “Abby’s List, A Dogumentary,” is the true story of a boy and his dog, (Mark and his dog) …and their three-year, cross-country journey to do all the things on “her” bucket list.  Truth be told, it’s probably Mark’s bucket list too, since most dogs don’t spend their twilight years sailing yachts, dining in Vegas, and riding the Small World ride at Disney World.