Moz Cancels Show In Denver...But For A Good Reason This Time

November 15th, 2016


It looks like Moz has done it again...he's cancelled a show. Wait, wait, wait...we can't really beat up on him this time. It was for a very good reason. 15 minutes before the sold out show in Bolder last night, Morrissey came on stage to inform the crowd that his keyboardest Gustavo Manzur had collapsed backstage and they were going to have to postpone the show for awhile. He told the crowd “Our good friend Gustavo has collapsed and is in your local hospital. We don’t know what’s happened to him. This is a family, we stay together. We can’t move until we know what’s happened to him. This is why things are ticking backwards and all we can do is wait. We’re going to sit backstage for awhile and wait to see what’s happened to him, if there’s any magical cure."

We all known he's canncelled a show or two in his past, but I think we can let him slide on this one. You can check out some fan footage of him making the announcement here