I miss Joe Strummer

August 21st, 2019

So not only is today CD1025's 29th birthday...it would have also been Joe Strummer of the Clash's 67th. We lost Joe back on Dec. 22nd, 2002. Can't believe it's been 17 years. He passed away from a conginital heart defect while hanging out at home. Not on stage being super cool...just sitting on his sofa. That's OK, in his 50 years he did some pretty cool stuff. Most of which was be the front man for The Only Band That Mattered!!! I'm not just saying that because they were/are my favorite band, I say it because it's true. Google it...really. If you are a younger type person, or perhaps just have been under a rock here are a few examples of Mr. Strummer's work. 

Live on ABC's Fridays

This would be the video for "Tommy Gun"

You can't leave out "Bankrobber"