Ranking all 282 R.E.M. songs

December 13th, 2019

Once again it's time for everyones favorite game show...Let's Pick Apart A List!!! The good folks at Slicingupeyeballs.com  asked their readers (me included) to rank all 282 R.E.M. songs from best to worst. It starts with their 1981 Hib-Tone single "Radio Free Europe" and goes all the way until they broke up in 2011. Of course no one is going to agree with any list 100%, but I'm not too mad at it. Although, "Radio Song" is my least favorite R.E.M. song ever!!! Just awful. 

Some highlights before you dive in..."Turn You Inside-Out" from "Green" #51. "These Days" from "Life's Rich Pagents" #36...and the #1 pick is...Find Out Here!!!