If you ever need a new sweater or a biographical analysis of David Bowie, Rachael Gordon is your lady.

Rachael is hands down one of the kindest people you will ever come in contact with.  She has a deep love for the station and all things Columbus, and it shines through with every single air shift she takes on.  Despite being an avid knitter and cat lover, Rachael is far from your stereotypical “crazy cat lady”. Mostly because there aren’t crazy cat ladies who love Jameson and Black Sabbath like Rachael.  This sweet, badass woman has been working at CD102.5 since 2005 and has been a familiar voice to Columbus and beyond. On top of that, Rachael has provided a stable foundation for the station by keeping all the crazy DJs in line (and they absolutely need it). 

What sticks out the most about Rachael is her undying love for David Bowie.  She even has a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt tattooed on her hand! There may or may not be a conspiracy theory that Bowie never died, but just transferred his spirit into Rachael Gordon.  However, it can be confirmed that she has a shrine to Bowie pinned up on the wall of her favorite studio.

Occasionally, Rachael will also tune into Tame Impala, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and The Black Angels.