Nelsonville Music Festival Re-cap

June 4th, 2018

Just a few notes. We had a great time! I survived the sun and rain and a tent full of spiders. 


-- I was super impressed with Kevin Morby's set (above). I knew little about him prior to his performance, but his set might've been my favorite overall. 

-- The Black Angels killed it, but of course they did. They're the best.

-- Ron Gallo writes really good songs. 

-- I got a little emotional during Tank & The Bangas set. Thier presence is like a force, and it was so joyful.  

-- So happy I was able to catch George Clinton before he retires next year. That entire Parliment Funkadelic set was just one big party. 

-- There was Columbus talent everywhere! I caught both EYE and Blueprint on Thursday night and both acts are a great representation of our music scene. I made purchases from Columbus vendors and saw familiar faces all weekend long. 

-- The Gories had the best banter: "We consider ourselves a blues band, even though some of you might find that amusing." 

-- Not a bad performance all weekend. Other highlights: Middle Kids, The Decemberists, Wooden Shjips, Earthless.