Favorite Big Rooms, 2018

December 28th, 2018

 I've been counting down your favorites on the Big Room Brunch. Here are mine!

5. Superorganism

This was such a fun performance to watch. The band sat on the floor in a circle around Orono (lead vocals) while playing less traditional instruments, like childen's toys and shakers. They even bit into apples to make sound effects. All songs sounded great live and they reminded me of Odelay era Beck. 


4. Mt Joy

Sometimes a band just sounds so different live. I like the Mt. Joy album, but thier live performance is so special and they remind me so much of one of my all time favorites, Ryan Adams. I didn't hear that on the recordings, but caught it during this session. 


3. Black Pistol Fire

This band is loud and wonderful. 


2. Parker Millsap

So I'll admit-- I wasn't actually in the studio for this one, but I listen back to the recordings and I SO BADLY wish I had been. The songs sound great and clean, and I play them as often as I can on the Big Room Brunch.


1. Ron Gallo

I mean, it's Ron Gallo. He writes really good songs, puts on an energetic live show, and it was nice to see him sending out positive vibes this day.