An Appreciation of Pinkerton

April 26th, 2019

I'm playing "El Scorcho" from Weezer's Pinkerton during my show today. I'm such a big fan of Weezer's early sound, but this album has had a pretty interesting journey.

Pinkerton was released in 1996, while frontman Rivers Cuomo was attending Harvard, but compared to the Blue Album, it sold poorly.  It was voted "one of the worst albums of 1996" in a Rolling Stone Magazine reader's poll. 

Over time though, it's developed a cult following, and has gone on to be considered among Weezer's best work. In 2002, Rolling Stone readers voted Pinkerton the 16th greatest album of all time. And then in 2004, Rolling Stone re-reviewed the album, giving it 5/5 stars. In the years since it's release, Pinkerton has been listed in several critics' "best albums of all time" lists, including mine-- it's a Top 10 favorite album for me, for sure. 

Pinkerton was certified Platinum by the RIAA on September 16, 2016. 

So if you're a new Weezer fan or one who's been with them since the 90s, turn this one up a little louder today. Just because.