Tom Butler is grumpy.  That’s about it.

However, if you can make him laugh, he suddenly becomes this jovial, animated skater dude who will talk your ear off about an underground band you have never heard of.  Under the mentorship of the legendary Andyman, Tom quickly moved up from intern to overnight host and is now our favorite evening DJ. Known around Columbus as the local music guru, Tom keeps the CD102.5 airwaves fresh with talent grown right here in the Capital City.  His love for local music came from jamming in bands for over thirty years.

Amongst his many musical talents, Tom also has the ability to subsist on nothing but pizza and Pepsi (which is pretty amazing, honestly).  Tom also regularly tears up the streets of Columbus on his skateboard. So if you are walking outside The Big Room Bar see a bearded man dressed in all black looking angry and riding a skateboard...yep...that’s Tom Butler.   

When not watching “cat TV”, Tom enjoys loudly playing My Bloody Valentine, New Order, Joy Division, and the Black Keys at obscure hours of the night.