Top 10 Columbus releases of 2019

December 2nd, 2019

It's that time of the year. Time for lists! We all love lists. I'll be posting a couple of year end lists this year. I thought I'd start out with Columbus! Here are 10 of my favorite Columbus releases for 2019. I'd encourage you to check all of these out and see these bands live! In no particular order...


GOOD SHADE - Way Out (Dirtnap)

-Killer power pop. Catch these guys kicking off the CD1025 Holiday show on 12/3!


6th CIRCLE - The Third Estate (Sentient Ruin)

-Classic industrial/EBM sounds. If you like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, or Wax Trax records, this is for you!


BRAT CURSE - Brat Curse (Just Because / Anyway)

-More power pop! Brat Curse fall on the noisier end of that spectrum incorporating 90s indie rock and grunge elements into their sound.


DANA - Glowing Auras and Black Money (Heel Turn)

-Spastic art punk for fans of Brainiac and Sonic Youth.


PALE GREY LORE - Eschatology (Small Stone)

-Heavy yet catchy at the same time. Fans of Kyuss or Queens of the Stoneage take note!


LO-PAN - Subtle (Aqualamb)

-New album from these Columbus vets. They spent like half the year touring because they're road dogs like that. Heavy rock a la High on Fire or Torche.


THE KYLE SOWASHES - I Don't Know What To Tell You (Anyway)

-Kyle is a Columbus institution. He and his band have released a number of clever and fun albums of 90s indie rock over the last decade. 


THE CORDIAL SINS - In Memory (Diversion)

-Gorgeous indie pop. Huge guitars and all the atmosphere


REFLEX MACHINE - Interzone (Reflex Machine)

-Heavy two piece that make more noise than bands with 12 dudes! 


CAAMP - By And By (Mom + Pop)

-Caamp are huge right now. 3 sold out nights at Newport at the end of the year. Endless touring. Beautiful folk music!