No other Columbus radio station makes a bigger commitment to giving exposure and airplay to local musicians than CD102.5. Every weeknight at 9:00 pm, CD102.5 airs Frontstage with host Tom Butler. Frontstage gives the best local groups airplay and exposure. Why is this important? Because what happens in Columbus is important to people in Columbus. CD102.5 listeners can easily stay on top of the music scene by tuning in. To submit music for Frontstage, please send music on CD or CDR with the band name, song titles, album name (if applicable), website, and contact info to or:
1036 S. Front St. 
Columbus, OH 43206


This Week on Frontstage:

TUES. 10/15 - TRYING
WED. 10/16 - SOUTHER
THURS. 10/17 - LO-PAN
FRI. 10/18 - Columbus Blue Jackets

Want to be a part of Frontstage? E-mail with your band name, MP3s or a download link, e-mail adress and website info!