Why now?

You asked, yelled, screamed and we finally figured out how to make the stream work!

CD102.5 is a locally-owned, independent radio station. Currently, due to how radio-station royalties work, we have to pay for every song that we play on our radio station. This amounts to over $200K in annual royalties for the music we play on-air. When we transmit our broadcast via an online stream, we also have to pay additional royalties for those songs that play on our stream. This can become very costly to a single, standalone station such as CD102.5. Companies like iHeart are able to sell this streaming commercial time across all of their radio stations at one time to help successfully offset the royalty costs.

How are non-commercial stations able to stream? They get a bank of free tune-in hours monthly before they have to start paying royalties.

So how is CD102.5 able to afford to stream again? The short answer is the cost of the royalties has stabilized and changed and we found a sponsor. So now we stream!

How do I listen to the stream using an echo or Google Home?

"Alexa, Play CD1025 on Tune In”
“Hey Google, Play CD1025 on Tune In"

Locked out?

I want to stream CD102.5 but I am locked out? We have a cap on the number of people that can stream at any given time...bandwidth and royalty considerations (you know the deal). We will look at the number of people streaming and, if possible, adjust to higher numbers if demand requires it.


Yes, but be aware that there is a delay on the stream.  So depending on how much lag there is, you might be too late to win.


Per our contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets, we will not be carrying games on the stream.  


Questions, comments, concerns?  Email us!