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FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD (F.L.O.W.) was formed by singer/guitarist Phil Taylor, who formed the group in 2002 out of his home town Buffalo, NY. The band relocated to Los Angeles, CA that same year and shortly thereafter struck a deal with Epic Records on the strength of an EP recorded at Swing House studios in Hollywood, CA. Their debut full-length album, LVL IV, (P/ Garth Richardson E/ Elvis Ba

skette, M/ Andy Wallace) was recorded in the summer of 2003 at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, B.C. and released in stores late 2004. The album's post grunge/modern rock sound strongly channeled 90's influences like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Incubus, Korn and Pearl Jam. It steadily climbed the charts through 2005 reaching #27 on the Billboard 2000 on the surge of the US hit singles "Let Me Out" (#1 Mainstream Rock, #3 Modern Rock Charts) and "Everyday" (#17 Mainstream Rock). During this time, FLOW toured heavily for more than a year with groups such as SHINEDOWN, SEETHER, CROSSFADE, CHEVELLE, ALTER BRIDGE, and VELVET REVOLVER.

With politically charged, socially-conscious lyrics, heavy melodic songs, and high-energy performances, the group quickly achieved a cult-like following throughout the U.S., and much critical acclaim amongst the industry. One of Taylor’s main influences, and former label mate Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM is a huge fan of the bands work, and has compared Phil Taylor's vocals to, “a modern day Kurt Cobain.” Despite their virtual “overnight” success and catapult into the mainstream rock arena, the band chose to part ways citing creative and personal differences, as well as disputes between them and their former label Epic/Sony.

Winding down the stretch of the 2005 US Jagermeister Tour, FLOW finished the support of LVLIV in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Howling Wolf on May 5th 2005. This show marked what could have seemingly been the end for Future Leaders of the World, a short-lived run of a band that made a big impact in a short amount of time, but had not yet reached their fullest potential. But from where this band ended, it was also reborn.

During the release of LVLIV, the quickly achieved success proved to be toxic for Taylor's personal life and health. Throughout his tenure with Epic records, Taylor struggled with the influences of the, “party lifestyle,” around him, “I was really young and got slowly lured into the negativity of the environment around me. Going from living hand to mouth, to instantly having access to money and all these different elements around me for the first time in my life at the age of 21 was a bit overwhelming to say the least,” Taylor says. But after having time away from the industry to reflect and grow, Taylor has become a writer with a story to tell, and a message to those who would listen, “After the band broke up and we parted ways with Epic, God came into my life and changed me. I have a real relationship with him, and before I was just..well spiritually and mentally lost. I had no real guidance or truly meaningful direction in my life. Now I have control over my life again and I have a real purpose."

After working for several years with his other band MACHINA, Taylor began writing new material for FLOW the same way he always does, with just an acoustic guitar. With what started as just an acoustic EP, it was apparent that the songs were calling for a much bigger, heavier sound as recording for the full-length record, REVEAL, began in the summer of 2008 in Seattle, Washington at Brewery Studios. Taylor recruited long-time friend and touring partner Ian Severson from the Minneapolis, MN band GINGERJAKE, on guitar during the Seattle sessions and the chemistry in the studio was instant, “I was doing the production, writing, vox, guitar and bass completely myself for a while on the record, and I was reaching my limits. The music was pushing for a bigger sound, and that's when I got Ian in the studio. He really elevated the songs to a whole new level.” About working on the record and becoming a part of the band, Taylor recalls, “With the material we were coming up with in the studio, it was obvious to me that he was the lead guitarist for the band,”

After completing 10 songs for REVEAL, at Brewery Studios, the band relocated to New Orleans, LA in the summer of 2009 as their new home base for FLOW headquarters. “New Orleans is where the band before had fell apart, it just felt like God was calling me to come back and pick up the pieces, to start over. It has always been a place of inspiration for me and we've always had great support for FLOW in the gulf coast region, so it all just tied together, really,” Taylor says.

The group toured for the rest of the year throughout the U.S. non-stop, and into 2010, in support of the 4 song EP, DELIRIUM. It contains 3 new tracks from the forthcoming album, as well as an orchestral acoustic version of their hit single, Let Me Out. FLOW played several radio festivals, including 98 Rock in Tampa's Guavaween Festival, 93.1's, Gobblestock, in Louisville, KY, and many others during this time, stirring up much buzz about their new record.

REVEAL features 12 new songs and mixes by studio legends Toby Wright (3 Doors Down, KORN, Alice in Chains, Tantric, Metallica, and Kiss) and Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damage Plan, Hell Yeah). Mixing and Mastering REVEAL is the great John LeCompt from Evanescence and We are the Fallen.

The first single “Live Again" is about having your heart broken, losing everything to see yourself for who you really are, learning from your mistakes, growing, and becoming reborn and empowered through God.” 

FLOW will release their long-awaited second full-length album in December 2012. And, the first single,” Live Again," is set to hit radio in fall 2012. 

As and added surprise to fans a LIVE album set for a tentative release in September 2012.

We are forever thankful of our great fans, friends and loved ones. We know that we aren't able to do it on our own or alone. Without you all we wouldn't be here so from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!
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