Columbus Psych Fest 4

October 10th, 2015

Columbus Psych Fest 4, presented by SweetWater Brewing Company, is Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 4pm until 3am. CPF4 highlights the very best in Central Ohio Psychedelia. The venue is the Dude Locker, 527 E. Hudson St (off N. 4th just behind 524 E. Tompkins) with a door cover of $7. The event showcases mind melting artists and musicians from in and around the Capital City and guarantees an experience like no other. You are Invited!

This marks the fourth installment of an active rededication to the Psychedelic Music Scene in Columbus Ohio. CPF4 will once again be at the Dude Locker, a warehouse repurposed in 2007 as workspace for musicians, artists, and the DIY community. Dude Locker turns their walls inside out for the groovy kicks of trippy licks. Going beyond the boundaries of entertainment, the collective is dedicated to the intentional evolution of human consciousness and presents this exposition for our diverse society’s psychological and spiritual growth.

Mas Bagua, the self-proclaimed ambassador of psychedelic entertainment, is dedicated to aiding our community in the effort to get as deep as we dare. Other performances from Domes, Golden Death Music, the High Definitions, Janaan al Jahanni, Turtle Island, Whisper the King, Auroragami, Consumer Gallery, Krista Kitty, Future Modern, Colette Means, The Shady Grovers, Brecklands, and Wolf Man and the Airship Captain!

Vendors will be on site to provide refreshment and nourishment. Teachers, poets, and Yogis will be on hand for personal and group insight and guidance. Interactive entertainment is the name of the game. There will be an Albert Hoffman experience in which we provide the bicycle, the beard, and the video goggles that let one relive the first ride that led to so many others. An outdoor staging area called “Chillville” features Hookahs from ShiSha Lounge. The Karma Roulette Wheel gives participants the opportunity and reason to reach out and connect with others. We are on a mission!

In addition, SweetWater Brewing Company will host a Clean the Ravine party with the volunteers of Columbus Psych Fest 4. Volunteers will descend into the Lower Olentangy Arboretum to clean out the harder to reach parts of one of Columbus’ most cherished yet under-recognized nature preserves. Afterwards, SweetWater Brewing Company will treat all participating volunteers to a complimentary toast at an after party at the Bosco Center (80 S. 6th St., downtown Columbus.) Let’s do it!

Check out all the details for the upcoming Columbus Psych Fest 4 on October 10th at The Dude Locker HERE!

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