The World of Atlas Black

September 21st, 2019

 The World of Atlas Black is an eccentrically themed poetry, art, and music fair in the heart of the MidWest. A manifestation of inspiration that's been given the nickname "The Imagination Fair" that provides a space for attendees to express themselves by sharing their art and sharing their heart through poetry, costume, and more. Poetry and music performances from the "citizens of Atlas Black" can take place at any moment among a collection of art installations and themed experiences. Atlas Black is a safe space for the deep feelers and wildly imaginative.

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Why "Atlas Black"?

In Greek mythology, Atlas the Titan was condemned to hold the sky over head for all of eternity after the Titanomachy.

In our story, as Atlas stands tall supporting the heavens, he casts a shadow on the earth below creating a place of permanent darkness. The area was abandoned for years until artists from around the world, inspired by this eternal state of night, flocked to create a world of their own in the shadow of Atlas.

Painters, Writers, Singers, Sculptors, Dancers, Actors, Designers, Tailors, Photographers, Directors, Chefs, Inventors, Insomniacs, Bohemians, they all came and the town took on an indescribable life of curious displays of creativity. The area was given the nickname Atlas Black by visitors in neighboring towns who state: “Black seems to be the only color these odd people use.”

Once a year the maniacal characters living in the shadow of Atlas invite the public into the world they’ve created. The world of Atlas Black.


Tessa Violet
The artwork of Noor Unnahar
Ashley Dun
Jesse Cale
Levi The Poet
Jesse Powers
Give Me Motion (Emcee)
Kate Faust
Mery Steel
The Amazing Giants
... and many more!

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