Have YOU been caught in the act!?

Wanna be famous? Well, we can't get you a Grammy (yet), but we can get a much less embarrassing picture of you (rather than that one your brother has up of your High School graduation) up on! So, if you're heading out to a CD 92.9 Event, throw aside the old Seen-Better-Days t-shirt you were thinking about wearing, and get all dressed up, so that you'll be looking your best when the Promotions team comes over with their camera. So, if you wanna be famous, put on your best duds, and head out to a CD 92.9 Event (you can find them on the top of the Events Calendar), and you might just have your face gracing one of these lovely photos! And then you'll be glad that you left your "Button Your Fly" t-shirt at home.

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