Central Ohio continues 30-year-plus streak of locally owned, independent radio


(COLUMBUS, OHIO)— Independently operated alternative rock station CD102.5 is returning to the Central Ohio airwaves as CD 92.9 FM on Saturday, November 21, announced Randy Malloy, longtime CD102.5 owner, today. The station went off air – but continued broadcasting online – on Nov. 1 because the station was unable to reach an agreement with the owner of the FCC license.

“We continued to broadcast digitally online, so we never went away. However, we are ecstatic to get back to the business of independent radio where we belong on the FM – and now AM – dial,” said Malloy. “Big corporate radio is slashing staff by the thousands across the United States, and we are proud to continue to offer live, independently operated radio and continue our commitment to local businesses, local artists, and the entire Columbus community—and soon the Delaware, Ohio community. We are one of the last bastions of independent radio in the United States – and we relish that role.”


The 92.9 frequency has two antennas -- one in downtown Columbus on the Huntington building and one in Delaware. They are 1580 WMYC-AM and 1550 WDLR-AM and have FM translators, so the stations can air on both dials. The call letters will be changed to WWCD for Columbus WMYC, and the call letters for Delaware will be announced as soon as the transition to WDLR occurs on December 31, 2020 where WDLR will move to 1270 / 96.7 maintaining its format and WDLR call letters.

This move ensures the station’s continued independence and long-term sustainability. This will be the third – and final – move on the radio dial for the station. The new agreement with the FCC licensees gives Malloy the option to purchase the FCC licenses, which, with continued support from the community, he feels confident they will be able to do.

“Independent radio is important to music culture in the United States because it provides a way for bands and musicians who haven’t been signed to a major label to have their music heard by a broad audience,” said Malloy. “Independent radio means the best live DJs in real-time, who live in our city – not pre-recorded talk, streamed in from another place. It means more new music and more variety. It means people who really care about music and the artists who make it. It means Brian Phillips, Tom Butler, Grayson Kelly, Laura Lee, and the rest of our amazing on-air talent, who not only work in Columbus, but live here too.”

Throughout its 30-year history, the station has remained committed to and is a critical component of the Columbus community. The WWCD brand has always been a strong partner of Columbus non-profit organizations, providing arts, culture, and social service organizations promotional support to reach key target audiences. The station’s non-profit foundation, CD102.5 for the Kids, has donated more than $1 million to children's charities. The station’s intern program has helped hundreds of young adults learn essential skills and make invaluable contacts, helping land them careers both in and out of the music industry. All of this stems from the firm belief that radio done right is about more than charts and ratings—it’s about community, and it’s about people.

The WWCD brand was established in 1990 in Columbus as an independently owned and operated, alternative rock radio station. For 30 years, it has maintained its alternative format and its independence, funded solely by commercial advertising revenue.

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